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Wooden Solid Slats

In order to enable a firmer, more supportive bed, all our beds are using wooden solid slats.
The solid slats will work together with mattress to provide the necessary comfort and support for your body. 
Our solid slats are made from sturdy solid wood such as pine. They create a supportive base for your mattress and are ideal if you prefer a firmer bed. 


Benefits of solid slats for a bed:

Sturdiness and Durability:
Solid slats are made from one continuous piece of wood that spans the entire bed frame. This design ensures unparalleled support and stability.
They evenly distribute the weight of the mattress, helping it maintain its shape and firmness over time.
Firmness and Support:
Solid slats provide a firmer feel to the bed. Unlike sprung slats, they have no “give,” leaving the mattress to do all the work.
If you prefer a stable and supportive foundation, solid slats are an excellent choice.
Easy Replacement:
Should a solid slat break, it’s straightforward to replace it yourself. No complex mechanisms or adjustments are needed.